Sixth Street Scoop - March

Sixth Street Scoop - March


Spring is in the air, and so is the scent of fresh opportunities in Austin's real estate market! Welcome back to our monthly newsletter, where we dive into the latest trends and numbers to keep you informed and one step ahead. Whether you're thinking of buying, selling, or simply love to know what's happening in the market, we've got you covered.


Market Snapshot

A Quick Glance at Austin's Current Real Estate Trends

As we navigate through the early months of 2024, the Austin real estate market is showing signs of a complex landscape shaped by a variety of factors. February's numbers offer a detailed look into how these dynamics are playing out, presenting a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities.

February Housing Market Overview:

  • Units Sold: 2,232
    🔻 17% from Feb 2023
  • Average Sales Price: $463,439
    🔻 2% from Feb 2023
  • Average Days on the Market: 89 days
    🔼 7 days from Feb 2023
  • Median Sales Price: $382,300
    🔻 3% from Feb 2023


The dip in units sold year-over-year reflects a market that continues to adjust to broader economic conditions. The decrease in average and median sales prices, although slight, indicates a softening market, providing a slight edge to buyers in negotiations. The increase in days on the market suggests that listings are taking a bit longer to sell, further evidence of a market that's cooling off compared to the fervent pace of the past few years.

What does this mean for potential buyers?

The current market dynamics offer a silver lining for buyers. With a noticeable decrease in competition and a slight drop in prices, the power dynamic in buying transactions is shifting, albeit slightly. This environment might not last long, as warmer weather and potential economic shifts could quickly alter the market landscape (think promised interest rate drops and the summer seasonality of the market). Buyers looking to capitalize on these conditions should consider acting swiftly, leveraging the opportunity to negotiate more favorable deals while the market remains in this state. That being said, anecdotally in the past few weeks we have been a part of multiple offer situations for properties only in their first week of being listed. This window could close soon.

What does this mean for sellers?

Sellers might find the market more challenging now than in recent years, but that doesn't mean opportunities are absent. Homes that are well-prepared, priced correctly, and marketed effectively are still finding their audience. It might take a bit longer to sell, but the right strategy can make a significant difference. Sellers should focus on differentiating their homes, possibly making strategic improvements or adjustments to appeal to the current buyer's market. It's also crucial to work with an experienced realtor who understands how to navigate these subtler shifts in market dynamics. However, as mentioned above, multiple offer situations on well-market properties have arrived. With a typical 30-day close cycle, we might see a great market to sell your home sooner rather than later, and if you are thinking about selling the time to prepare your home is NOW.

Sixth Street Highlights

News and Updates from Our Brokerage

2024 continues to be a year of growth and opportunity at Sixth Street Realty. As we adapt to the evolving market, our commitment to providing exceptional service and insights remains unwavering. We're here to support your real estate journey every step of the way.

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Featured Listings

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Discover the breathtaking beauty of Fredericksburg with this sprawling 24.34-acre ranch. Offering unmatched views and serenity, it's a slice of paradise waiting for you.

From My Desk

February came in with a bundle of joy - quite literally! My wife and I just welcomed a new baby boy, Ethan Robert Walters, and suddenly, my golf clubs are feeling a tad neglected. Who knew such a tiny human could command the attention of an entire household? It's like living with a very cute, very demanding CEO. But we couldn't be happier!

And as if my nights weren't already short enough, Austin is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming eclipse. Yes, the celestial event that turns even the most reserved among us into starry-eyed astronomers, ready to camp out with their eclipse glasses and crystals.

Between diaper changes and eclipse prepping, I've realized that both events have a lot in common - they're rare, awe-inspiring, and a reminder of the beautiful cycles of life (though, one involves a lot more coffee than the other).

So, whether you're joining the throngs of eclipse watchers or you're too sleep-deprived from your own little 'star' at home, remember to take a moment to enjoy the spectacle. Austin's about to get even crazier than usual, and that's saying something. Let's embrace the chaos - be it in the sky or in the nursery.

Looking forward to sharing this cosmic journey with you all, and hey, if anyone has tips on balancing baby duties with client meetings, I'm all ears!

Until then, wishing you clear skies and peaceful nights!


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