The 7 Best Suburbs of Austin, TX

The 7 Best Suburbs of Austin, TX

Are you ready to discover the best places to live just outside the vibrant city of Austin, TX? Suburbs offer the perfect blend of suburban charm and urban convenience, providing a peaceful retreat while keeping you close to all the action. Each of the top 5 suburbs on our list is located within a 40-minute drive of downtown Austin, making them ideal for those who want quick access to city amenities without sacrificing the tranquility of suburban life. From top-rated schools and affordable housing to stunning parks and lively communities, these suburbs have it all. Join us as we explore the top 5 suburbs of Austin, each offering unique features that make them fantastic places to call home!

7. Pflugerville

  • Population: 64,000+
  • Median Home Value: $350,000

Top-Rated Schools: Pflugerville ISD receives above-average ratings, ensuring that children in the area have access to quality education. The district is known for its dedicated teachers and diverse programs that cater to a variety of student interests and needs.

Local Point of Interest: Lake Pflugerville is a beloved destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The lake is popular for fishing, kayaking, and various water activities. It also features a walking trail, playgrounds, and picnic spots, making it a perfect place for family outings and weekend adventures.

Why It's Ranked #7: Pflugerville ranks lowest on our list due to its schools being rated slightly lower than the others. However, it boasts the most affordable median home value and offers plenty of outdoor activities, making it a great option for budget-conscious families and outdoor enthusiasts. Its vibrant community and numerous recreational opportunities make it a great place to call home.

6. Buda

  • Population: 18,000+
  • Median Home Value: $375,000

Top-Rated Schools: Hays CISD is rated above average by, offering a solid educational foundation for students in the area.

Local Point of Interest: Downtown Buda is a charming historic area with shops, restaurants, and the Buda Grist Mill. It's a delightful place for a stroll and to enjoy local dining and shopping.

Why It's Ranked #6: Buda is an affordable suburb south of Austin with a quaint downtown and relatively easy access to the city via major highways. Its charm and convenience make it a desirable place to live, but its smaller size and lower school ratings place it lower on the list.

5. Georgetown

  • Population: 74,000+
  • Median Home Value: $375,000

Top-Rated Schools: Georgetown ISD is rated above average, ensuring good education for children in the area. The district is known for its supportive community and focus on student growth and development.

Local Point of Interest: Blue Hole Park is a stunning natural attraction featuring a limestone lagoon that’s a favorite swimming spot for locals and visitors alike. The park offers a unique outdoor experience with its clear waters and picturesque surroundings, perfect for a day of relaxation and fun.

Why It's Ranked #5: Georgetown offers a mix of historical charm and modern conveniences. With good schools and the beautiful Blue Hole Park, it provides a balanced lifestyle. The median home value is on par with Round Rock, but its slightly smaller population gives it a quieter, more intimate feel.

4. Leander

  • Population: 58,000+
  • Median Home Value: $400,000

Top-Rated Schools: Leander ISD serves the area with highly rated schools that offer excellent educational opportunities. The district is known for its innovative programs and strong emphasis on student achievement.

Local Point of Interest: Crystal Falls Golf Course is a picturesque 18-hole golf course that provides a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. The course also features a clubhouse and restaurant, making it a great spot for social gatherings and events.

Why It's Ranked #4: Leander is rapidly growing in popularity, thanks to its excellent schools in Leander ISD and beautiful Crystal Falls Golf Course. The community spirit and quality recreational facilities make it a great place to live, even if it's slightly smaller than Cedar Park.


3. Cedar Park

HEB Center at Cedar Park 2022


  • Population: 79,000+
  • Median Home Value: $425,000

Top-Rated Schools: Cedar Park benefits from being served by both Leander ISD and Round Rock ISD, two highly rated educational institutions known for their strong academic programs and supportive learning environments.

Local Point of Interest: Brushy Creek Lake Park is a scenic oasis that offers a serene escape from daily life. The park features a beautiful lake, well-maintained hiking trails, and spacious picnic areas. It's a perfect spot for family picnics, leisurely walks, and weekend relaxation.

Why It's Ranked #3: Cedar Park comes in a close third with highly rated schools from Leander ISD and Round Rock ISD. Its scenic Brushy Creek Lake Park provides fantastic outdoor activities. Though slightly more expensive than Round Rock, its strong community and amenities make it highly appealing.

2. Lakeway

  • Population: 15,000+
  • Median Home Value: $725,000

Top-Rated Schools: Lake Travis ISD is highly rated by, providing excellent education to residents.

Local Point of Interest: Lakeway Resort and Spa is a AAA Four Diamond resort with golf courses, restaurants, and a full-service spa, offering luxurious amenities and beautiful lake views.

Why It's Ranked #2: Lakeway is an upscale lakefront community northwest of Austin, offering resort-style amenities and top-rated schools. Despite the higher median home value, its resort-like atmosphere and proximity to downtown Austin (31 minutes) make it an attractive option for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle.

1. Round Rock

The Round Rock of Round Rock Texas


  • Population: 133,000+
  • Median Home Value: $375,000

Top-Rated Schools: Round Rock ISD is one of the best school districts in Texas, boasting an A rating from With a focus on academic excellence, students here receive a top-tier education that prepares them for future success.

Local Point of Interest: Old Settlers Park is a 645-acre gem offering something for everyone. With its extensive hiking trails, sports fields for various activities, and a beach area on Lake Creek, it's a perfect spot for family outings and outdoor enthusiasts. The park hosts numerous community events throughout the year, fostering a strong sense of community.

Why It's Ranked #1: Round Rock tops our list due to its exceptional school district, Round Rock ISD, which is one of the best in Texas. The median home value is reasonable, and Old Settlers Park offers extensive recreational options. Its large population indicates a thriving, well-developed community.

Each of these suburbs has its unique strengths, ensuring there's an ideal place for everyone near Austin, TX. Whether you're looking for excellent educational opportunities, outdoor activities, or a close-knit community, these suburbs of Austin, TX, have something special to offer. Ready to find your dream home in one of these amazing areas? Contact Adam Walters at Sixth Street Realty for expert guidance and personalized service.


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